Play responsibly!

Anything one does or spares their time on should take a reasonable part of their life, and anything by which one gets carried away too much may do harm. It can be working too much, eating too much, inadequate control over consumption of alcohol, or being too much carried away by gaming.

Gaming has an ancient history, and various periods have had all sorts of trendy games, such as dice rolls and card games, tournaments, which are also a kind of game, and also various intellectual games. In fact, games play a significant role throughout the life of a human being, starting from childhood games, followed by various role-plays at school age, etc.

However, it is highly important to be able to distinguish between the game as a simple kind of entertainment (one of many) and being excessively carried away by it, which becomes detrimental to one’s mental health, well-being, etc. Playing responsibly means that one assumes liability for their decision regarding when to play, the moment when to quit, the consequences of their action in case they act against common sense.

One who plays responsibly perceives the game as a chance to be entertained, and never takes it too seriously. Before starting the game (before gambling), the person should fix the money and time limit they wish to spend, and observe these limits. A responsible player maintains control over themselves and the game, and also knows and is able to identify the risks of addiction, assumes liability for their decision to play, and seeks advice when and if necessary.

Remember! You buy enjoyment and entertainment, and you do not invest money! Do not spend money on a game (gambling) in hope to receive it back. Make sure you realise that this entertainment costs money and ask yourself if you can afford it. Playing games/gambling is not a way of escaping your daily problems.

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