Play Spinning Stars™ online!

Game Overview

You won’t find fruit that’s more delicious than that in our online slot Spinning Stars™! Lovely cherries, beautiful melons, juicy grapes, tasty oranges and many other fruits make an appearance, and they’re all rich in winnings. You should also be on the lookout for the Star Spin, which will turn the symbols surrounding the middle position on reel 3 clockwise in 7 steps, with applicable wins being paid out for each step. Fruits may be old-school, but this feature sure isn’t – so seize these starry winning chances!

Your aim in Spinning Stars™ is to line up matching symbols as a winning combination upon a win line. All winning combinations can be found in the slot’s paytable.


Star Spin Feature

When a WILD symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 at the same time, it triggers the transformation of the middle symbol on the third reel into another WILD symbol. The symbols surrounding it then spin clockwise in seven steps. For each winning combination that is a result of a spin step, winnings are paid out.


Spinning Stars™ is a casino game for one player and falls into the category of slot machines. As soon as you enter a game you will start a so-called ‘session’ (or gaming session). Each session is a separate, completely independent game - earlier gaming sessions have no influence on your current gameplay. Each game basically starts when you place a bet and ends when you leave the application. Your current game session ends when you leave the application.

The following betting and payout rules are valid for the game:

  • RTP: 95.11%

  • Maximum bet per session: Your available credit on the player account. Making a deposit your player account is not possible during a session.

  • Minimum bet per round: 0.20 €

  • Maximum bet per round: 50 €

  • Maximum win amount in the Gamble Game: 5,000€

Here you can see the course of the win lines. You can display the win lines again after every round with the functions ‘Lines’ and ‘Bet/Line’.

Number of lines

10 win lines: The amount of lines for this slot is fixed.

Line wins

You can win when 3 identical symbols match.: Every line win starts on the first reel on the left and runs without interruption along the win line to the right.


‘Wild’ symbol: Substitutes represent other symbols and can complement line wins and help you to achieve a higher win. Each substitute can - when cutting through various win lines - act as a different symbol for each win line and therefore complement several line wins. Substitutes keep their appearance even when replacing other symbols.

Settings and game structure

Firstly select the amount you would like to play with for the entire game. Afterwards select your personal game settings and begin your game:


‘Bet/line’: Here you can define the bet per line for the next round.
‘Paytable’: Here you get to the overview of winnings where your winning opportunities will be calculated automatically depending on your stakes.


‘Start’: A click of ‘Start’ triggers a spin. Then the game begins. In a regular game the defined bet will be deducted from your credit.
‘Autoplay’: Clicking on ‘Autoplay’ starts a certain number of automatic spins. If ‘Autoplay’ is activated the button label changes to ‘Stop’.
‘Autoplay’ on mobile devices: Tap and hold the ‘Autoplay’ button for the automatic spins to begin. You can then release the button again. If ‘Autoplay’ is activated the button label changes to ‘Stop’.
‘Stop’: Click on ‘Stop’ to stop the automatic spins, both on desktop and on mobile devices.

You can bet every round win again at the Gamble game and double it if you’re lucky.

‘Gamble’: If you win the ‘Gamble’ button appears. Clicking on ‘Gamble’ starts the Gamble game. If you win the Gamble Game your round win will be doubled. If you lose you will also lose the entire round’s winnings. The chances of doubling your winnings are 1:1.
‘Collect’: If you win the ‘Collect’ button appears. Clicking on ‘Collect’ adds the round winnings to your credit. Please click ‘Collect’ if you don’t want to bet your round winnings at the Gamble game.

All prizes are for winning combinations running from left to right along an activated win line.. Only the highest win on each win line counts.

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