Play Royal Crown Blackjack online!

Game Overview

Here at Royal Crown Blackjack, making your way towards the all-important 21 is key. Will you be able to sneak close enough or instead blunder by miscalculating? Get close to the magic number than the dealer and the winnings are yours!

Your aim is to have a total card value of 21 points. If you get Blackjack – 21 points with just two cards – or receive a hand with a higher total than that of the dealer, you win. Overshooting those 21 points means that you lose your bet, no matter the dealer’s hand.


Directly after entering the game you will be asked to select the amount you would like to play with for the entire game. Afterwards you decide how many hands you would like to play (up to three hands). For each hand, there is an area on the table into which the bet can be placed. A minimum and maximum bet per hand can be made. Once the bet has been made, the cards are dealt. A reshuffling of the cards is effected via a random number generator prior to every round of play.

  • RTP: 99.54%
  • Maximum bet per session: Your available credit on your player account. Making a deposit your player account is not possible during a session.
  • Minimum bet per round: €0.20
  • Maximum bet per round: €50 per hand, €150 total

Each active hand now receives two cards. The dealer also receives two cards, where one remains face down for the time being. If the dealer’s first card is a 10, the dealer checks after the deal, if he has a Black Jack. If they have, the second card is revealed and the round is over. But if the first card is an ace, then there is an insurance-round. Each active hand will be asked if they want to insure themselves against a dealer’s Black Jack. For each hand where an insurance is selected, half of the corresponding bet is added. Then the dealer checks whether he has a Black Jack. If they have, the second card is revealed and the round is over.

After the cards are dealt, the hands are played sequentially. You currently have the following possibilities:

  • You select Hit if you want to draw more cards - each of your hands can draw more cards.

  • You select Stand if the value of a hand is below 22 and you don’t want to raise anymore. The value of the hand is therefore maintained and the process continues with the next hand.

  • A hand is Busted if the value of this hand is higher than 21 after you’ve drawn a card. In this is the case you will continue with the next hand.

  • You select Double before you draw the first additional card - this way you can double the stake of your hand. If you select this option, only one additional card is drawn and the game immediately proceeds to the next hand.

  • You select Split if a hand at the beginning of the game has two cards of the same value. In a Split two hands are created from the original hand, each with a card from the original hand. A bet of the same amount is placed for the new hand. This way your bet will be doubled. Each hand will receive an additional card from the deck after the Split. The two hands are then played successively. It is not possible to split again. If one of the split hands has a value of 21 from two cards, this does not count as Black Jack. If two aces are split, you get only one additional card per hand and it will immediately proceed to the next normal hand.

Once you have played all your hands, it’s the dealer’s turn. The face-down card is first revealed. Then the dealer draws cards until he has at least 17 points. The round is then evaluated.

Win evaluation

  • Number cards count as indicated.

  • Picture cards count as ten points

  • Aces count as one or eleven points.

The value of a hand is obtained from the sum of the card values. If you have one or more aces in hand, it is always the best value that counts (highest value less than or equal to 21).

If you have the value 21 with two cards you have a Black Jack. Black Jack counts more than a card value of 21 with more than two cards.

Each player’s hand is evaluated separately.

  • If the player has a value greater than 21, then the hand is ‘bust’ and has therefore lost, regardless of the dealer’s cards.

  • If the player has a maximum value of 21 and the dealer has ‘bust’, the player has won.

  • If the dealer has a Black Jack and your hand doesn’t your hand has lost. But you will win the BlackJack-insurance if you have insured the relevant hand. This will be paid out in the ratio 2:1.

  • If you have a Black Jack and the dealer doesn’t you win your stake in the ratio 3:2.

  • If the hand is split a Black Jack is not possible - a card value of 21 for two cards is normally paid in the ratio 1:1 and the player loses if the dealer has a Black Jack. Apart from this, the player wins if the value of the hand is higher than the dealer. If your hand and the dealer’s hand have the same value this is a Push and you’ll get your bet for this hand refunded.

After 10 seconds of disconnection the server will complete the game for the player. The standard blackjack strategy will be used for the auto-completion.

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