Play Globe Roulette™ online!

Game Overview

Casino, glamour and glitz is an integral part of this table game: roulette. A small ball, a spinning wheel, two playing colours and 37 numbers decide whether you win or lose. Globe Roulette™ is a and fast version of this game of chance around the famous words ‘Rien ne vas plus!’

Your goal: Guess which number the ball will land on! The best case scenario: You place a single bet on the winning number - but you can also win if your bet is part of a combination bet!

With Globe Roulette™ you bet with chips - you can place the chips on any of the numbers (0 to 36), groups of numbers, the colours red or black and particular combinations. Please see the paytable of the casino game for all betting and winning opportunities as well as maximum and minimum bets.

Globe Roulette™ is a casino game for one player.


After entering the game you will select the amount you would like to bet for the entire game. Then you place your bets - please place the chips on the relevant numbers or areas.

  • ‘Delete chip’ - removes the chip you placed last.
  • ‘Delete all chips’ - removes all the chips you have placed and you re-start the game.
  • ‘Spin’ or ‘Quick Spin’ rolls the ball.
  • ‘Again’ places the chips in the same positions as in your last round.
  • ‘Info’ displays all winning opportunities

Once the ball has stopped, the winning fields will flash. Your win will be automatically credited to your balance. All losing bets go to the bank.

Winnings and betting opportunities

  • Single numbers: 35:1
  • Split (2 numbers next to each other): 17:1
  • Row (3 numbers): 11:1
  • Corner (4 numbers): 8:1
  • 1 line (6 figures, bordering on one line): 5:1
  • Column/dozen (12 numbers): 2:1
  • Red/black, Even/Uneven, High/Low (18 numbers): 1:1

Note: The stake is returned in addition to the winnings.

RTP: 97.30%

Created: 10/06/2015 12:10:30, Modified: 30/11/2016 14:38:04